About Us

Genau Ghana Limited is an internationally acting manufacturer and developer of cash handling equipment. Our product range, from a simple banknote counter up to complete coin sorting and packaging lines, makes us to one of the main players in the cash handling sector. 

We exist to lead the indigenous market in products and services marketing and also determine the pace of trans-African and international trade by capturing a significant portion of the markets of both the West African sub-region and the African continent through global business networking.

In products, we are set to provide cutting edge business solutions to corporate organisations, especially banking and other financial institutions to facilitate productivity and job performance with precision, in an ergonomically stimulating environment. 

In services, we are poised to provide business support in IT consultancy, prompt banking equipment servicing and e-banking software and support through our robust NETteller Internet Banking Solution facility.

Brief History
Genau Ghana Limited is incorporated under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179) of the Republic of Ghana  and have been in business for over three years.

Genau Ghana Limited is physically situated at Vasmark House, 52 Beach Drive, Inshuana-Nungua, near Dutch Hotel.

Genau Ghana Limited operates from a formalized organisation system drawing on four main business process departments namely Office of the CEO, Administration and Business Development, Information Technology, and Marketing and Technical Support Services departments.  Each of these has its necessary functional subsidiaries for enhanced productivity and inevitable business success.

There are two principal shareholders, one of whom is an officer working for the company.

Management Team
Samuel Vasmark Voegborlo
Chief Executive Officer (and principal shareholder)

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