Checking a genuine banknote in Ghana

Various security features have been incorporated into the Ghana banknotes. They will help you to recognise a genuine banknote at a glance.

Feel the raised print – special printing processes give banknotes their unique feel.

Look at the banknote and hold it against the light: the watermark, the security thread and the see-through number will then be visible. All three features can be seen from the front and back of genuine banknotes.

Tilt the banknote: on the front, you can see the shifting image on the hologram. On the back, you can see the glossy stripe on the banknotes or the colour-changing number

Always check several features. It only takes a few seconds to check a banknote. Just feel it, look at it and tilt it.

Several security features have been incorporated into the Ghana banknotes so that, upon careful examination, the authenticity of the banknotes can be reliably determined.

Check all the security features described above to ensure the banknote's authenticity.

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